Our Approach

At Thomson Wealth Management Limited, we are continually striving to add value to the services we offer our clients. Just as our business grows and evolves, we appreciate that the financial objectives of our clients will also change over time.

The essential part of our service where we can differentiate from others, is the ongoing service that we provide.  We look to build long term productive relationships with all of our clients and this takes time to establish and maintain. 

We treat all clients fairly and we recognise that it is not possible to work on the basis that ‘one size fits all’, particularly with the ever-increasing complexity of the financial services industry. It is quite evident that a client who requires advice on the investment of a capital sum will require different assistance than one who wishes to effect a life assurance policy.

Central to all of our advice, from a straightforward savings plan to the most complex inheritance tax mitigation strategy, is our investment proposition. This has been carefully designed and maintained and continuously evolves. 

In the last couple of years investment markets have experienced unprecedented volatility in all major asset classes, showing the value of being able to move in and out of investment positions quickly. We bring in active management in particular, to gain further diversification of assets into our portfolios to reduce volatility.

We take great care of our clients wealth and aim to provide a professional and safe pair of hands, our own success is linked to our client's financial health.