Investment Management

Investment Management is our core proposition, we offer bespoke investment management which is tailored to our individual client’s requirements.  We manage all aspect of our clients’ investments, from basic cash deposits to the most sophisticated investment solutions.

Central to all of our advice, from a straightforward savings plan to the most complex inheritance tax mitigation strategy, is our investment proposition. This has been carefully designed and maintained and continuously evolves.

In the last couple of years investment markets have experienced unprecedented volatility in all major asset classes, showing the value of being able to move in and out of investment positions quickly. We bring in active management in particular, to gain further diversification of assets into our portfolios to reduce volatility.  For this reason we have decided to adopt the strategic method of ‘core/satellite’ investing.

What is ‘core/satellite’ investing?

Core/satellite investing is a method of portfolio construction designed to minimise costs, tax liability and volatility while providing an opportunity to outperform the broad stock markets.

The ‘core’ of the portfolio consists of passive investments that track major indexes, such as the FTSE 100 Index and S&P 500.

Additional investments, called ‘satellites’, are added around the core of the portfolio in the form of actively managed funds, with the aim of achieving outperformance. This allows us to implement and monitor a variety of satellite investments that can be tailored to our clients’ individual objectives and attitudes to investment risk.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information or assistance with any aspect of your financial situation. We look forward to helping you.